The Ultimate List of High-Quality Masonic Supplies

Discover the perfect masonic supplies for your exclusive projects! This listing of high-quality items is perfect for any lodge or fraternal organization.

Making sure you have the right masonic supplies for your next project is essential. Whether it's ritual items or an official uniform, we've got the perfect selection of high-quality merchandise for any lodge or fraternity. Check out our vast range of options to find just what you're looking for!

Masonic Aprons
Look no further – we have the perfect selection of Masonic aprons to fit any need. Our extensive inventory features aprons crafted from traditional lamb skin or our special moisture-resistant fabric, so you can be sure your apron looks great and stays strong through all the rigorous rituals. With options for both men and women, you’re sure to find something perfect.

Apron Accessories
To complete your standard Masonic Apron, we offer an array of finishes and accessories to truly customize it. Choose from special apron linings of classic red and blue gaberdine fabric, metallic embroidery, embroidered decorations such as letters or symbols, fringe appliqués and tassels for extra elegance, or even badges to signify your rank within the Lodge. For a unique twist on the traditional look, check out our line of deluxe Liberty Aprons - featuring classic Masonic symbols printed in shimmery silver over deep blue lamb skin fabric.

Collars and Jewels
For complete uniformity, every ranked Brother of your Lodge will want the perfect collar and more info jewel to wear alongside their Masonic Apron. Our selection of Masonic collars come in a rainbow of colors and include beautifully intricate appliqués unique to each degree. Matching jewels are also available to represent each degree - including a square and compass, triangle with Master Mason’s eye, Sacred Arch and sunburst. Whether you’re looking for a symbolic necklace or sash shoulders embroidered with your Lodge initials, our collection will help you find the perfect pieces for all Brothers celebrating your lodge’s legacy.

Regalia and Officers Wear
To successfully present your lodge to other Masonic organizations and the public, you’ll need a matching set of regalia for Officers. Create a cohesive look with our variety of Masonic sashes, collars, and jewelry pieces. All are made of high-quality materials (such as 100% cotton twill) that will stand the test of time. Every item is crafted with great precision and attention to detail that will clearly express your Lodge's excellence and honor.

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